Successor Members

Successor / Life Associate Membership

Per our Rules for Admission of Members Section VIII. There shall be two classes of Associate Members, to wit:
(a) Successor Members, and (b) Life Associate Members.

(a) A Successor Member shall be the eldest son of a member in the Society or such other person, apparently or presumptively, entitled to succeed to the right of membership.

(b) A Life Associate Member shall be a brother, a younger son, nephew, or a cousin of an Hereditary Member of this Society who approves the applicant (approval by the hereditary member may be waived when said member does not respond to related correspondence from the Membership Committee within three months, or said hereditary member has been inactive for at least five years). A life member shall continue to be a life associate member during his lifetime, without the right of succession.

All hereditary members in good standing for at least two years may designate a successor and life associate member. Please contact to request an application for an associate membership.