Original and Hereditary Members

This page lists the Original and Hereditary Members of the Society from its founding to the current day (Residence at time of election). Successor members are listed at the time of their first election


18 November 1783
Major General John Sullivan (1740-1795), Durham
Colonel Joseph Cilley (1735-1799), Nottingham
Lieutenant Colonel Henry Dearborn (1751-1829), Exeter
Captain Jonathan Cass (1750-1830), Exeter
Captain Ebenezer Sullivan (1753-1799), Durham
Lieutenant Joseph Mills (1750-1809), Deerfield Parade
Lieutenant Daniel Gookin (1756-1831), Hampton
Lieutenant Samuel Adams (1760-1802), Durham
Captain Josiah Munro (1745-1801), Amherst
Lieutenant Jonathan Cilley (1752-1807), Nottingham
Lieutenant Neal McGaffey (1756-1795), Epsom
Captain Michael McClary (1753-1824), Epsom

5 February 1784
Surgeon William Parker, Jr. (1750-1798), Exeter
Captain Nicholas Gilman (1755-1814), Exeter
Lieutenant Joshua Merrow (1752-1808), Rochester
Captain Amos Emerson (1738-1823), Chester
James Harvey McClary (1762-1810), Epsom (son of Major Andrew McClary killed at Bunker Hill)
Lieutenant John Adams (1758-1847), Stratham
Lieutenant Joseph Boynton (1755-1830), Stratham
Captain Samuel Cherry (1754-1825), Londonderry
Major Isaac Frye (1743-1791), Wilton
Captain William Rowell (1740-1816), Epping
Lieutenant Jonathan Perkins (1749-1824), Epping
Captain Adna Penniman (1755-1820), Moultonborough
Lieutenant John Harvey (1745-1812) Northwood
Captain Jeremiah Fogg (1749-1808), Kensington
Lieutenant Jeremiah Prichard (1754-1813), New Ipswich
Brigadier General James Reed (1723-1807) Keene

by 1796
Lieutenant Robert Bradford Wilkins (1755-1832), Amherst

4 July 1797
John Sullivan (1767-1819), Durham (son of Major General John Sullivan)

4 July 1800
Bradbury Cilley (1766-1831), Nottingham (son of Colonel Joseph Cilley)

4 July 1801
Captain Amos Cogswell (1752-1826), Dover

4 July 1808
John Sullivan (1773-1818), Portsmouth (son of Captain Ebenezer Sulllivan)

4 July 1815
Joseph Mills (1794-1822), Deerfield Parade (son of Lieutenant Joseph Mills)

4 July 1818
Captain William Parker Adams (1784-1827), Durham (son of Lieutenant Samuel Adams)

John Wingate Gookin (1788-1856), North Yarmouth, Maine (son of Lieutenant Daniel Gookin, Signed the Roster but never officially elected)

The following seven members were elected during the period of preliminary reorganization of the Society but were not submitted to the General Society for confirmation in 1899.

Bradbury Longfellow Cilley (1838-1899), Exeter
Rev. Charles Langdon Tappan (1828-1902), Concord
Walter Tolman Willey (1848-1909), Massachusetts

Dr. Abraham H. Robinson (1813-1898), Concord
Albert Edward Bodwell (1853-1926), Concord

Joseph Burbean Walker (1822-1913), Concord
Frederick Lincoln Bangs (1853-1933), Cambridge, MA


John Gardiner Gilman (1820-1909), Exeter (Nicholas Gilman)
Charles Henri Gookin (1852-1914), Lowell, MA (Daniel Gookin)
Franklin Senter Frisbie (1871-1945), Penacook (William Parker, dropped from the Society 1 Sept. 1917)
Frederick Bacon Philbrook (1871-1917), Boston, MA (John Robinson)
James William Sullivan (1848-1922), Boston, MA (Ebenezer Sullivan)
Joseph Cilley (1831-1908), Cleves, OH (Jonathan Cilley)
Joseph Neally Cilley (1833-1907), Nottingham (Joseph Cilley)

Ira Darling McClary (1841-1907), Leominster, MA (Andrew McClary, Honorary Member, 1902-1907)
Robert Spear Fogg (1851-1907), Steubenville, OH (Jeremiah Fogg)
Samuel Lord Morison (1851-1907), New York, NY (Michael McClary)

Charles Cass Munro (1868-1955), Columbus, OH (Josiah Munro)
John William Adams (1828-1911), Springfield, MA (John Adams)

John McGaffey (1833-1914), Chicago, IL (Neal McGaffey)
William Franklin Trufant (1846-1932), Minneapolis, MN (Joshua Merrow)
Rt. Rev. John Hazen White, S.T.D. (1849-1925), Michigan, IN (Moses White)
Joseph Vila Prichard (1850-1929), Boston, MA (Jeremiah Prichard)
John Harvey Treat (1839-1908), Lawrence, MA (John Harvey)
John Strong Penniman (1847-1912), Moultonborough, NH (Adna Penniman)
Henry Dexter Warren (1865-1950), Boston, MA (William Roby)
John Munay Glidden (1843-1906), New Castle, ME (Charles Glidden)
Francis Olcott Allen (1840-1909), Philadelphia, PA (Ethan Allen, elected again in 1903 under Thomas Abbe)
John Henry Shortridge (1814-1906), Philadelphia, PA (Richard Shortridge)

George Carleton Beal (1849-1917), Braintree, MA (Joseph Mills)
Horace Morison (1878-1975), Boston, MA (John McClary)

Charles Walter Stewart (1880-1916), New York, NY (Samuel Adams)

Franklin Thomason Beatty, M.D. (1857-1935), Boston, MA (William Beatty)
David Lane Billings (1869-1947), New York, NY (Isaac Farwell)
Jonathan Prince Cilley (1835-1920), Rockland, ME (Joseph Cilley)
Stephen Moody Crosby (1827-1909), Boston, MA (Josiah Crosby)
Bradley Luther Frye (1833-1905), Orange, MA (Isaac Frye)
George Bridge Leighton (1864-1929), Monadnock, MA (Samuel Leighton)
Horace Prescott McClary (1843-1921), Windsor, VT (Andrew McClary)
William Sawtell Muir (1864-1950), Philadelphia, PA (David Wallingford)
Edward Adolphus Rollins (1845-1929), Brooklyn, NY (James Carr)
Rev. Jeremiah Eames Rankin, D.D., LL.D. (1848-1904), Washington, DC (Jeremiah Eames)
William Davis Sawyer (1866-1922), New York, NY (Caleb Hodgdon)
Alfred Lee Shapleigh (1845-1945), St. Louis, MO (Elisha Shapleigh)
Hobart Chatfield Chatfield-Taylor (1865-1945), Santa Barbara, CA (John Eames)
William Boerum Wetmore (1849-1919), Atlantic City, NJ (William Boerum)
William Lithgow Willey, Sc.D. (1849-1949), Boston, MA (William Lithgow)
William Turner Bacon, M.D. (1846-1906), Hartford, CT (Joshua Stanton)
Frederick Diodati Thompson, (1848-1906), New York, NY (Nathaniel Gardiner)

Henry Elisha Woodbury, M.D. (1826-1925), Washington, DC (Elisha Woodbury)
Francis Olcott Allen (1840-1909), Enfield, CT (Thomas Abbe, had previously represented Ethan Allen from 1899 to 1901)
John Grimes Walker (1835-1907), Washington, DC (Aaron Walker)
John Edward Heaton (1858-1930), New Haven, CT (John Jennison)
Daniel Gilman (1851-1923), Exeter, NH (Nicholas Gilman)
Reginald Henshaw Ward (1862-1925), New York, NY (Artemas Ward)
Henry Deering (1842-1917), Portland, ME (Nathaniel Deering)
Thomas Pitts (1841-1907), Detroit, MI (William Bowdoin)
Robert Rogers Baldwin (1860-1933), Chicago, IL (Nahum Baldwin)
Mead Van Zile Belden (1879-1937), Syracuse, NY (Moses Belding)
Samuel Strong Spaulding (1849-1933), Buffalo, NY (Levi Spaulding)
Henry Oakes Kent, L.L.D. (1834-1909), Lancaster, MA (Richard Peabody)
Henry Heilman Wait (1869-1931), Chicago, IL (Joseph Wait)
Ethan Allen Hitchcock (1835-1909), Washington, DC (Ethan Allen)
Charles Howard Williams (1842-1909), Buffalo, NY (Benjamin Williams)

George Eli Hall (1863-1911), San Francisco, CA (Timothy Hall)
Eames MacVeagh (1871-1958), Chicago, IL (Eli Butler)
William Decatur Parsons (1855-1929), New York, NY (Joseph Parsons)

Francis Coffin Martin, M.D. (1858-1915), Roxbury, MA (Nathan Hoit)
Frank Harvey Partridge (1857-1939), New York, NY (Abijah Wheeler)
McLaurin Jameson Pickering (1859-1907), New York, NY (Ephraim Pickering)
John Wingate Weeks (1860-1926), Washington, DC (John Weeks)


Joseph Warren Glidden (1872-1960), New Castle, ME (Charles Glidden)
Nathan Parker Shortridge (1829-1915), Philadelphia, PA (Richard Shortridge)

Lynde Sullivan (1865-1939), Boston, MA (John Sullivan)

Daniel Webster Robinson (1843-1909), Burlington, VT (Samuel Pettingill)
George Lombard Williams (1847-1919), New York, NY (Benjamin Williams)
James Wilson Grimes Walker (1868-1950), Washington, DC (Aaron Walker)

Clarence Jones Allen (1865-1942), Milwaukee, WI (Thomas Abbe)
Gardiner Gilman (1829-1912), Exeter, NH (Nicholas Gilman)
John Taggard Blodgett (1859-1912), Providence, RI (William Taggard)

William Edward Blodgett (1864-1931), Woburn, MA (William Taggard)
Walter Poland Rankin (1878-1963), Milton, MA (Jeremiah Eames)

David Dunlap Gilman (1854-1914), Brunswick, ME (Nicholas Gilman)
John Williams Converse (1879-1944), Philadelphia, PA (Thomas Converse)
Levi Holbrook (1836-1920), New York, NY (Daniel Grout)

Lewis Cass Ledyard (1851-1932), New York, NY (Jonathan Cass)
John Jacob Rogers (1881-1925), Lowell, MA (Enoch Poor)
Maurice Arthur Hall (1878-1966), San Francisco, CA (Timothy Hall)
Otto Holstein (1883-1934), San Antonio, TX (John Pryor)

John Adams Dix (1880-1945), New York, NY (Daniel Wilkins)
John Shortridge Gummey (1874-1932), Philadelphia, PA (Richard Shortridge)
Joseph Wyatt McGaffey (1857-1931), Chicago, IL (Neal McGaffey)
Lendall Pitts (1875-1938), Detroit, MI (William Bowdoin)
James Amory Sullivan (1875-1961), Boston, MA (Daniel Sullivan)
James Brown Thornton (1861-1931), Boston, MA (Daniel Gookin)
Arthur Winslow (1860-1938), Boston, MA (Caleb Stark)
Cameron McRae Winslow (1854-1932), Newport, RI (John Stark)

Charles Adams (1871-1945), Springfield, MA (John Adams)
John Rogers Chadwick (1856-1926), New York, NY (Edmund Chadwick)
Raymond Cilley (1871-1947), Brooklyn, NY (Jonathan Cilley)
William Miner Derby, Jr. (1863-1921), Chicago, IL (Jeremiah Stiles)
Charles Ashburton Gilman (1859-1938), Brunswick, ME (Nicholas Gilman)
Cecil Parker Stewart (1881-1945), New York, NY (Samuel Adams)

Ethan Samuel Allen (1883-1973), New York, NY (Ethan Allen)
Jerome Holland Bishop (1846-1928), Wyandotte, MI (Lebbeus Ball)
William Alexander Gaston (1859-1927), Boston, MA (Jeremiah Parmelee, transferred from Honorary Membership)

Edward Deering Noyes (1858-1944), Portland, ME (Nathaniel Deering)
John Lowe Salter, Jr. (1880-1963), New York, NY (Titus Salter)
Rev. Francis Lee Whittemore (1871-1961), Dedham, MA (William Parker)
William Lee Hart, LL.D., L.H.D., (1881-1957), Washington, DC (John Hart)

Walter Huntington Bond (1878-1965), Bethel, ME (Daniel Livermore)
Gibson Tenney Williams (1870-1942), Vernon Centre, CT (Benjamin Williams)

Jay Dunbar Fogg (1897-1946), Pittsburgh, PA (Jeremiah Fogg)
Gorham Lincoln Boynton II (1871-1924), Woodbridge, NJ (Joseph Boynton)
William Goodwin Renwick (1886-1971), Weston, MA (Ebenezer Field)

Frank Battles (1856-1932), Philadelphia, PA (Samuel Gilman)
Horace Prescott McClary (1889-1965), Windsor, VT (Andrew McClary)

Paul De Blois Laighton (1868-1928), New York, NY (Ebenezer Sullivan)
Clark Holbrook (1872-1941), Red Bank, NJ (Daniel Grout)
Jonathan Sawyer (1872-1941), Kittery Point, ME (Caleb Hodgdon)
Charles Brooks Appleton (1862-1924), Boston, MA (Edward Brooks)
Winthrop Hilton Battles (1893-1988), Philadelphia, PA (Joseph Hilton)

Henry Hayward Adams (1874-1951), St. Paul, MN (Samuel Cherry)
Samuel Herrick, D.C.L. (1881-1972), Washington, DC (Eleazer Lindsley)
Drew Warren (1889-1966), Chicago, IL (Jonathan Perkins)
Jonathan Elmer Emerson (1864-1940), Medford, MA (Amos Emerson)
Josiah Crosby Norcoss (1870-1946), Cambridge, MA (Josiah Crosby)
Frederick Merrill Prescott (1864-1932), Malden, MA (Robert Bradford Wilkins)
Thomas Fremont Rowell (1856-1929), McCook, NE (William Rowell)
Benjamin Ward Appleton (1864-1927), Buffalo, NY (Edward Brooks)
Walden Lee Ainsworth (1886-1960), New York, NY (Jacob Walden)

Casimir Wade Boynton (1901-1969), Sewaren, NJ (Joseph Boynton)
William Ballard Derby (1904-1987), Chicago, IL (Jeremiah Stiles)
John Rogers Flather (1899-1979), Lowell, MA (Enoch Poor)
William Edward Horton (1868-1935), Boston, MA (Thomas Clark)
Russell Pope Place (1897-1979), Greenwich, CT (David Place)
Howard Russell White (1880-1969), South Bend, IN (Moses White)

Charles Colburn Glidden (1855-1940), Savannah, GA (Joseph Mills)
Charles Harvey Piper (1860-1927), Niagara Falls, NY (John Harvey)
Charles Dearborn Pope (1878-1927), Shelburne, NH (Isaac Frye)
Reginald Stuart Ward (1902-1988), Duxbury, MA (Artemas Ward)

Preston Brown (1872-1948), Boston, MA (John Mason)
Sinclair Weeks, LL.D. (1893-1972), Boston, MA (John Weeks)
Maurice King Washburn (1872-1931), East Greenwich, RI (Emor Olney)
Phineas Warren Sprague (1860-1943), Boston, MA (John Sprague)
LeBaron Carleton Colt (1905-1976), Boston, MA (Israel Converse)

Nathan Crosby Norcross, M.D. (1906-1982), Volcano, CA (Nathan Hoit)
Theodore Hulett Piper (1862-1945), Hartford, CT (John Harvey)
George Ernest Bowman (1860-1941), Boston, MA (Joshua Bowman)
George Miller Appleton (1899-1951), Buffalo, NY (Edward Brooks)

William Wallace Lunt (1855-1943), Hingham, MA (Calvin Curtis)
Harry Herbert Battles (1858-1939), Philadelphia, PA (Israel Gilman)
Dwight Clark (1869-1935), Washington, DC (Jerome Clark)
Alexander Hamilton Rice (1875-1956), Newport, RI (Josiah Davis)
Alfred Parker Laighton (1875-1943), New York, NY (Ebenezer Sullivan)
Glen Carson Rowell (1893-1965), Fort Morgan, CO (William Rowell)
Sturges Dick Dorrance (1881-1968), New York, NY (George Dorrance)
Jerome Holland Bishop (1877-1951), Pasadena, CA (Lebbeus Ball)

Frederick Longfellow Fernald (1909-1974), Nottingham, NH (Joseph Cilley)
George Eliot Leighton (1894-1974), New York, NY (Samuel Leighton)
Gustavus Edward Rollins (1875-1963), New York, NY (James Carr)

Malcolm Blodgett (1897-1956), Woburn, MA (William Taggart)
Ripley Pierce Bullen (1901-1976), Gainesville, FL (Andrew Bunton)
John Carter Brown Washburn (1903-1979), Greenwich, RI (Emor Olney, transferred to Rhode Island Society, 1971)

Chauncey Devereux Stillman (1907-1989), New York, NY (George Stillman)
Cameron McRae Winslow, Jr. (1901-1981), Washington, DC (John Stark)
Cass Canfield (1897-1986), New York, NY (Jonathan Cass)
Lewis Cass Ledyard (1879-1936), New York, NY (Caleb Ledyard)
Charles Stinson Pillsbury (1878-1939), Minneapolis, MN (Moses Little)
William Wait Battles (1890-1956), Newton Square, PA (Samuel Gilman)
Robert Hall Merrill (1881-1955), Grand Rapids, MI (Robert Bradford Wilkins)
Fred Elmer Prichard (1869-1941), Peterborough, NH (Jeremiah Prichard)

Stedman Shumway Hanks (1899-1979), Peterborough, NH (Jeremiah Prichard, Resigned 1976)
David Edwin Hayes (1877-1944), Portland, ME (John Hale)
Arthur Ardsheal Stewart (1884-1949), New York, NY (Richard Shortridge)
Reginald Love Foster (1869-1940), Washington, DC (Seth Murray)

Elbridge Gerry Spaulding (1881-1974), Buffalo, NY (Levi Spaulding)
Edward Kimball Wait (1914-1962), Chesterton, IN (Joseph Wait)

Edward Morton Clarke (1907-1969), Westerly, RI (Thomas Clark)
Lewis Cass Ledyard III (1911-1990), West Grove, PA (Caleb Ledyard)
Latham Gallup Reed (1855-1945), Locust, NJ (James Reed)

Robert David Lion Gardiner (1911-2004), Palm Beach, FL (Nathaniel Gardiner)

James Mead Belden (1911-1941), Syracuse, NY (Moses Belding)
Carlisle Patterson Winslow (1884-1960), Madison, WI (Caleb Stark)
Stuart Farrar Smith (1874-1951), Washington, DC (Joseph Safford)
Pearson Winslow (1893-1950), New York, NY (Archibald Stark)
Erving Hill (1876-1948), New York, NY (William Hickman)

William Barclay Parsons, M.D. (1888-1973), New York, NY (Sylvanus Reed)
Philip Winston Pillsbury (1903-1984), Minneapolis, MN (Moses Little)
Alexander LeFevre Pugh (1877-1945), Spring Valley, NY (Thomas Church)

Carl LeRoy Hilton (1895-1977), Chelmsford, MA (Isaac Frye)
John Langdon Sullivan (1903-1995), New York, NY (John Sullivan)
Randolph Harrison Washburn (1917-2006), Rohnert Park, CA (Edmund Chadwick)
Reginald Hayden Foster (1898-1970), Washington, DC (Seth Murray)
William Gaston (1896-1970), New York, NY (Jeremiah Parmelee)
James Henry Ottley (1903-1966), New York, NY (Robert Henry)

Forrest Edwin Emerson (1901-1985), North Highlands, CA (Amos Emerson)
John Taylor Gilman Nichols (1877-1958), Cambridge, MA (Nicholas Gilman)
Henry Battles Yerkes (1917-2012), Nantucket, MA (Israel Gilman)

William Allen Belden (1915-1981), Camillus, NY (Moses Belding)
Bainbridge Colby, LL.D. (1869-1950), New York, NY (Ephraim Colby)
Gerald Clark Holbrook (1903-1976), Hobe Sound, FL (Daniel Grout)
Edward Baldwin Hopkins, M.D. (1902-1968), Ayer, MA (Jeremiah Prichard)

Alfred Kendall Laighton (1919-2013), Haddon Heights, NJ (Ebenezer Sullivan)
Phineas Shaw Sprague (1901-1977), Boston, MA (John Sprague)

Wayne Chatfield-Taylor (1893-1967), Washington, DC (John Eames)

Latham Ralston Reed (1886-1946), Southampton, NY (James Reed)
Morgan Dix Wheelock (1907-1988), Darien, CT (Daniel Wilkins)
Rev. John Stryker Piper (1887-1952), Middleboro, KY (John Harvey)
John Roy Stewart (1906-1998), Unionville, PA (Samuel Adams)
James Stewart (1912-1991), New York, NY (Winborn Adams)
Benjamin Miles Ellis (1893-1988), Boston, MA (Benjamin Ellis)
Nicholas Geaubert Norcross (1861-1951), Lowell, MA (Josiah Norcross)

Rudolph Stewart Rauch (1892-1971), Villanova, PA (Samuel Spring)
Horace Morison, Jr. (1922-2006), Peterborough, NH (Michael McClary)

Jason Evans Billings (1900-1971), Mendham, NJ (Isaac Farwell)
Jonathan Hubbard Cilley, Ph.D. (1916-2005), Willow Grove, PA (Jonathan Cilley)
Charles Henry Drew (1887-1959), New York, NY (James Reed)

John Mason Brown, L.H.D., Litt.D. (1900-1969), New York, NY (John Mason)
Daniel Atkinson Glidden (1881-1964), Orange, TX (Joseph Mills)
Alexander LeFevre Pugh, Jr. (1904-1989), Paoli, PA (Thomas Church)

Charles Stoddard Jenney (1886-1956), Boston, MA (William Roby)
Edward Lewis Hill (1908-1981), North Palm Beach, FL (William Hickman)

Jerome Holland Bishop (1907-1987), Atherton, CA (Lebbeus Ball)
Rev. Edward Nason West, D.D., Litt.D. (1909-1990), New York, NY (Amos Webster)
Cameron Winslow (1896-1976), Washington, DC (Archibald Stark)

Alexander Hayward Cathcart (1892-1954), St. Paul, MN (Samuel Cherry)
David Thompson Watson McCord, L.H.D., Litt.D., LL.D. (1897-1997), Jamaica Plain, MA (George Morgan)
George Miller Appleton (1931-2000), Rochester, NY (Edward Brooks)

Harry Norman Huxford (1922-1987), Ocean City, MD (James McClure)
Albion Topliffe Sawyer (1901-1974), Washington, DC (James Wedgwood)
Charles Paoletti Piper (1908-1969), Albany, NY (John Harvey)

Roger Thurston Balloch (1899-1956), Stockton, CA (Dudley Leavitt Chase)
Thompson Cathcart (1922-1982), Topeka, KS (Samuel Cherry)
Frederick Newton Mansur (1888-1958), Ellsworth, ME (Joshua Merrow)
Robert Serrell Wood Walker (1900-1970), Washington, DC (Aaron Walker)
Rev. Frederick Lewis Weis, The.D. (1895-1966), Peterborough, NH (Thomas Blake)

John Chandler (1890-1965), Sterling Junction, MA (Alexander Scammell)
Lewis Kemper Williams (1887-1971), New Orleans, LA (Obadiah Williams)

William Edward Blodgett (1925-1972), Woburn, MA (William Taggard)
George Alanson Parker (1887-1966), Marblehead, MA (Elijah Clayes)
Rev. Richard Donald Pierce, Ph.D., LL.D. (1915-1973), Boston, MA (Micah Hoit)
Harold Colby Smith (1903-1989), Miami, FL (Seth Warner)

William Armistead Moale Burden (1906-1984), New York, NY (William Twombly)
Matthew Hale (1909-1983), Alexandria, VA (Nathan Hale)
Robert Morrison Jenney (1918-2006), Newton, MA (William Roby)
George Henry Kimball (1913-1988), Newcastle, NH (Benjamin Kimball)
John Clarke Rice, Jr. (1909-1962), Boston, MA (Joshua Davis)
Hastings Howland Walker, M.D. (1899-1981), Honolulu, HI (Benjamin Grant)

James Gilman Barnes (1887-1963), Hillsborough Center, NH (James Taggart)
Hervey Kent (1889-1971), Hampton Falls, NH (Hubbard Carter)
William Verplanck Newlin (b. 1933), Washington, DC (Samuel Gilman)

Thomas Jay McCahill III (1907-1975), Erwinna, PA (George Reid)
John Taylor Gilman Nichols, LL.D. (1912-1993), So. Bristol, ME (Nicholas Gilman)

Edwin Neltnor Asmann (1906-1991), Lake Forest, IL (Eli Butler)
Horace Greeley, Jr., M.D. (1900-1986), Brooklyn, NY (Asa Senter)
Robert Charles Merrill (1911-1998), Stow, OH (Robert Bradford Wilkins)

Horatio Gardner Ainsworth (1891-1973), Chevy Chase, MD (Jacob Walden)
Trowbridge Heaton (1903-1975), Nutley, NJ (John Jennison)
Merrow Egerton Sorley (1903-1965), Washington, DC (Joshua Merrow)
Cecil Cameron Irton Wylde (1932-1987), So. Dartmouth, MA (Caleb Stark)

Rev. Richard George Kimball (1934-2007), Cambridge, MA (Joseph Fay)
William Lawrence Marshall, Jr. (1903-1989), Carlisle, MA (Isaac Smith)
Henry Gilman Nichols, Jr. (1894-1962), Essex, MA (Nicholas Gilman)
James Williams Sartwelle (1887-1965), Houston, TX (Simon Sartwell, Jr.)
Norman Stewart Walker (b. 1925), Ashfield, MA (Daniel Sullivan)
Russell Sturgis Codman, Jr. (1896-1992), Manchester, MA (David McGregor)
Rev. Dana McLean Greeley, D.D., LL.D., S.TD. (1908-1992), Concord, MA (Ivory Hovey)
David Ross McConnell (b. 1935), Chicago, IL (Richard Weare)
Thomas Edward Shirley (1896-1976), West Covina, CA (Isaac Baldwin)

James Merriam Moore (1890-1971), Centerville, MA (John Moor)
Henry Gilman Nichols (b. 1927), Greenwich, CT (Nicholas Gilman)
Walter Meserve Rankin (1905-1979), Falmouth, MA (Jeremiah Eames)

Marshall Curtis Barnes (1914-2000), Hillsborough Center, NH (James Taggart)
Thomas Crosby Chadwick (b. 1937), West Warwick, RI (Josiah Crosby)
Sinclair Weeks, Jr. (b. 1923), Concord, MA (Daniel Gookin)
John Lowe Salter III (1915-1999), South Yarmouth, MA (Titus Salter)

Edward Redfield Lewis (1939-2005), Edmonds, MA (Moody Dustin)
Bertram Kimball Little (1899-1993), Brookline, MA (Peletiah Whittemore)
Don Walter Mason (1936-1989), Westford, MA (Nathaniel Hutchins)
Earl Boyce Sanborn, Jr., M.D. (1911-1998), Lewiston, NY (Nathan Sanborn)
Rev. Rhys Williams, LL.D., D.D., (1929-2003), Boston, MA (Benjamin Whitcomb)
Herbert Hawley Harwood, LL.D. (1903-1983), Boston, MA (Luke Woodbury)
Lewis Stone Sorley III (b. 1934), Potomac, MD (Joshua Merrow)
Charles Walter Stewart (b. 1937), Unionville, PA (Richard Shortridge, transferred to Samuel Adams in 2001)
William Dowse Weeks (b. 1926), Cohasset, MA (James Norris)
Philip Farr Grasser (b. 1942), Seattle, WA (Aaron Smith, Resigned 1991)
Robert Wyatt MacGaffey (1941-2018), Warrenville, IL (Neal McGaffey)
Henry Delafield Phelps (1902-1976), Middletown, RI (Edward Sherburne)
Lawrence Wellington Shirley (1907-1986), Manchester, MA (Nahum Baldwin)

Hiram Pearson Macintosh IV (1914-2000), Philadelphia, PA (Ephraim Pickering)
Charles Fassett Chandler, M.D. (1915-1999), Sebasco Estates, ME (Alexander Scammell)
William Henry Ottley (1919-2005), Washington, DC (Robert Henry)
Haven Parker (1899-1991), Cambridge, MA (Elijah Clayes)

Newell Flather (b. 1938), West Newton, MA (Abiel Chandler, transferred to Enoch Poor in 1985)

George Pope Buell (1897-1975), Brookline, MA (Zachariah Beal, Jr.)
Henry King McHarg III (1913-1997), Tucson, AZ (Samuel Safford)

Preston Brown (b. 1936), Washington, DC (John Mason)
Sturges Dick Dorrance, Jr. (1914-1999), Goias, Brazil (George Dorrance)
Rev. Edward Oswald Schriver, Ph.D. (1931-1994), Bangor, ME (George Pepperell Frost)
Horace Chatfield-Taylor (1918-1992), Martinsburg, VA (John Eames)
Roger Browne Tyler, S.J.D., L.L.D. (1896-1985), Chestnut Hill, MA (Edward Parsons)

Charles Stephen Bolster (1894-1993), Lexington, MA (Timothy Hall)
William Hall Sawyer (b. 1932), Wellesley, MA (Benjamin Titcomb)

Myles Pierce Baker, M.D. (1901-1983), Brookline, MA (George Aldrich)
Grahame Preson Richards, Jr. (b. 1937), Ambler, PA (Bradley Richards)
Bertrand Baldwin Hopkins, M.D. (1930-2002), Groton, MA (Jeremiah Prichard)

Ralph Lincoln Morse (1896-1979), Framingham Centre, MA (Joseph Merrill Thomas)
Francis Bennett Williams (1921-2001), New Orleans, LA (Obadiah Williams)
Philip Field Herrick (1909-1988), Alexandria, VA (Eleazer Lindsley)
Rudolph Stewart Rauch (1914-2001), Bryn Mawr, PA (Samuel Spring)
John Wingate Weeks (1920-2013), Marco Island, FL (John Weeks)

Sherman Clifford Parker (1900-1995), Cummaquid, MA (John Dennett)
Thomas Prescott Pool, III (1907-1995), Cheshire, CT (Nathaniel Leavitt)
Peter Rollins Wells (b. 1938), Darien, CT (James Carr)
Edward Franklin Woods (1920-2020), Cohasset, MA (Josiah Magoun)

John Michael Powers, Jr. (b. 1951), New York, NY (James Reed)

Grant Horace Greeley (1953-2013), Staten Island, NY (William Ellis)
Chandler Lee van Orman (b. 1941), Washington, DC (Joseph Chandler)

Charles Marshall Peabody, Jr. (1939-2014), Sarasota, FL (Richard Peabody)
Richard Pugh Stifel (1920-1990), Washington, DC (Joseph Cilley)
Whittington Hancock Hanks (b. 1952), Austin, TX (John Hale)

Dana Ripley Bullen II (1931-2007), Alexandria, VA (Andrew Buntin)
LeBaron Colt (1929-2006), Medfield, MA (Israel Converse)
Roy David Goold (1938-2012), Brockport, NY (James Goold, Sr.)
Norman Horace Greeley (b. 1956), Brooklyn, NY (David Allen)
Charles Walter Wolcott, Jr. (1912-2005), Greensboro, NC (Giles Wolcott)
Robert Lawrence Shirley (1935-2017), Winchester, MA (Isaac Baldwin)

Edward Thomas Grant (1914-1979), Westwood, NJ (Jason Wait)
Jonathan Sawyer (1922-2001), Kittery Point, ME (Caleb Hodgdon)
Albert Gilbert Stewart (1915-1986), Washington, DC (John Moor)

Andrew Meserve Rankin (b. 1935), Chesapeake, VA (Jeremiah Eames)

James Russell Owen Sullivan (b. 1933), Sudbury, MA (John Sullivan)
Rev. Jonathan Sinclair Carey (1951-1996), Alexandria, VA (Stephen Dearborn)
Russell Pope Place, Jr. (1924-1996), Scottsdale, AZ (David Place)
George Freeman Sanborn Jr. (b. 1944), Derry, NH (Lemuel Bickford Mason)
Richard Pugh Stifel, Jr. (b. 1946), Bethesda, MD (Joseph Cilley)
Arthur Gilbert Stewart, Jr. (b. 1958), Washington, DC (John Moor)
William Russell Coker (b. 1947), Goffstown, NH (Samuel Pettingill)

Edward Lull Cochrane, Jr. (b. 1922), Fairfax, VA (Benjamin Burton)
Winthrop Twining Sargeant (1923-2003), Manchester, NH (John Harvey)
Phineas Sprague (1925-2019), Cape Elizabeth, ME (John Sprague)
Henry Sewall Woodbridge (1906-1995), Pomfret, CT (Enoch Woodbridge)

Stephen Munroe Bolster (b. 1933), North Haldeon, NJ (Timothy Hall)
Rhys Hoyle Williams (b. 1961), Haverford, PA (Benjamin Whitcomb)

Herbert Hawley Harwood, Jr. (b. 1931), Baltimore, MD (Luke Woodbury)
John Bertram Little (1929-2020), Brookline, MA (Peletiah Whittemore)
Richard Caldwell Millett (1924-1992), New York, NY (Moses White)
Brainard Tracy Peck (1907-1996), Lakeside, CT (Michael Dunning)
Alfred Lee Shapleigh III (b. 1943), Charleston, SC (Elisha Shapleigh, transferred to John Stark in 2020)
Eric Leighton Whittall (b. 1953), Guilford, CT (Samuel Leighton)

Samuel Boyer Davis Baird, Jr. (b. 1950), Needham, MA (Joseph Hilton)
Edward Mills Guild (1922-2002), Cohasset, MA (Joseph Guild)
Herman Vaughan Griffin, Sr. (1915-2006), Rutland, VT (William McCune)
Jeffrey Dupuis Hill (b. 1944), Mill Valley, CA (William Hickman)
Herbert Parker (1935-2006), Fort Valley, VA(Elijah Clayes)
Pendennis White Reed (1910-2008), Vero Beach, FL (Joshua Hazen)
Bronson Shonk (b. 1942), Ligonier, PA (William Parker)
Andrew Henshaw Ward, Jr. (b. 1932), Savannah, GA (Artemas Ward)
Charles Seyburn Williams (b. 1957), Covington, LA (Obadiah Williams)
George Emerson Williams (1921-2013), Kensington, NH (Dudley Leavitt Chase)
Paul Whitcomb Williams (1903-1997), North Palm Beach, FL (Aaron Parker)
Henry Sewall Woodbridge, Jr. (b. 1928), Pomfret, CT (Enoch Woodbridge)
John Wylde (1936-2013), South Dartmouth, MA (John Stark)

Clifford Avery Buell (b. 1951), Hartford, CT (Zachariah Beal, Jr.)
Charles Henry Clark (b. 1957), Rockport, MA (Nicholas Gilman)
William Granville Meader, Jr. (1918-1990), Bethesda, MD (Nathan Hale)
Philip Winston Pillsbury, Jr. (1935-1990), Washington, DC (Moses Little)
Randall Edward Spalding (1899-1995), Whitefield, NH (Timothy Bedel)
Horace Greeley IV (1935-2003), Cliffside Park, NJ (Asa Senter)

William Hedge Woods (b. 1956), Palo Alto, CA (Henry Woods)
Lewis Cass Ledyard, Jr. (b. 1943), Flagler Beach, FL (Caleb Ledyard)
Michael McClary Morison (b. 1962), Highland Park, IL (Michael McClary)

Thomas Wilson Davies (b. 1962), Sudbury, MA (Seth Warner)
John H. Frye III (b. 1936), Frederick, MD (Isaac Frye)
Cecil Morgan (1898-1999), New Orleans, LA (George Morgan)
Edward Clinton Stebbins (b. 1930), New Canaan, CT (William Taggard)
Ordway Partridge Burden (b. 1944), New York, NY (William Twombley)
Horace Rollin Boynton III (1924-2019), San Francisco, CA (Daniel Moor)
Gardner Brown Macintosh (1920-1992), Hampton, NH (Ephraim Pickering)

Jerome Holland Bishop III (b. 1938), Tucson, AZ (Lebbeus Ball)
Charles Lane Goss II (b. 1962), Madbury, NH (Hopley Yeaton)
George Ober Richardson (1907-1996), Wakefield, MA (Leonard Keep)
Jonathan Tufts Woods (b. 1962), Wilton, CT (Ebenezer Woods)
Philip John Burne (1932-2014), Melrose, MA (Andrew McGaffey)
John Bertram Little, Jr. (b. 1961), New York, NY (Peletiah Whittemore)
Joseph Colwell Robbins (1921-2014), Cambridge, MA (Edward Durant)
Allen Perkins Spaulding (1911-1996), Buffalo, NY (Levi Spaulding)
William Blakely Tyler (b. 1925), Weston, MA (Edward Parsons)

James Benenson, Jr. (b. 1936), New York, NY (Benjamin Chambers)
John Edward Floyd, Jr. (b. 1954), Laguna Beach, CA (Philip Tilton)
Eduardo Suarez (b. 1952), Chapultepec Polanco, Mexico (David Hobart)
Jonathan Buck Treat II (b. 1951), Belmont, MA (Jonathan Buck)
Herman Nickerson, Jr. (1913-2000), Jacksonville, NC (Samuel Wales)
Roger Scranton Patch (1918-1998), Santa Fe, M (Francis Payne)
Robert Bruce Spofford (b. 1958), Cohasset, MA (Simon Merrill)
Bradford Stillman Weeks, M.D. (b. 1957), Clinton, WA (Richard Sinkler, Jr.)
Nathaniel Sinclair Weeks (b. 1951), Arvada, CO (Daniel Gookin)
Stephen Benjamin Jeffries (b. 1960), Boston, MA (Abraham Eustis, transferred to George Reid in 2018)
Oliver Ansel Pendar (1905-2002), Bridgehampton, L.I., NY (Thomas Leavitt)
Stuart-Sinclair Broeksmit Weeks (b. 1953), Wilton, NH (Richard Sinkler)

Robert Holbrook Crane (b. 1947), Cohasset, MA (Benjamin Ellis)
Andrew Williams Morison (b. 1962), Boxford, MA (John McClary)
Edward Mills Guild, Jr. (b. 1945), Cohasset, MA (Joseph Guild)
Lee Meloy Hammond (b. 1939), Lebanon, NH (Jason Wait)
Charles Stoddard Jenney (b. 1962), Pittsboro, NC (William Roby)
Keith Prescott Low (b. 1941), Palm Beach, FL (Abraham Drake)
Bruce Duncan Ross (b. 1951), Spring Valley, CA (William Whitman)
William Stevenson MacLaren Arnold (b. 1926), Alexandria, VA (Ebenezer Stockton)
Herman Vaughan Griffin, Jr. (b. 1945), Rutland, VT (William McCune)
James Thomas Lyons (1931-2009), Lake Odessa, MI (Oliver Potter)
Robert Armstead Naud (b. 1931), New York, NY (Ammi Andrews)
Kenneth Westcott Norwood (b. 1957), Lovingston, VA (Jacob Becker)

Charles Dennis Barnard (1921-2005), Los Angeles, CA (James Head)
Wayne Reynolds Merrick (1917-2003), Meadville, PA (Amos Emerson)

Robert Lincoln Drew (1922-2009), Plymouth, MA (Lebbeus Drew)
James Arthur Tufts (1921-2007), Exeter, NH (Francis Tufts)
Sean Brownson McCoy (b. 1958), Charlottesville, VA (Gideon Brownson)
Scott Robert Papp (b. 1958), Dighton, MA (Joseph Parsons)
Peter Andrew Stifel (b. 1954), Bethesda, MD (Joseph Cilley)
Wayne Chatfield-Taylor (b. 1948), Front Royal, VA (John Eames)

Morton Collins Stewart, Jr. (1912-1998), Dallas, TX (Ethan Allen)
Cass Canfield, Jr. (1923-2013), New York, NY (Jonathan Cass)
Dexter Lishon Burley (1944-2012), Boston, MA (Josiah Bartlett)
Alexander LeFevre Pugh III (b. 1930), Lincoln, MA (Thomas Church)
William Hawxhurst Wheelock (1936-2000), White Plains, NY (Daniel Wilkins)
Nicholas Donnell Ward (b. 1941), Washington, DC (James Donnell)
William Pearce Coues (1908-1996), Prouts Neck, ME (Jeremiah Fogg)
Stephen Frederick Schreiber (b. 1953), Ambler, PA (Andrew McClary)
Hollis Warren Merrick III (b. 1938), Perrysburg, OH (Jonathan Emerson, transferred to Amos Emerson in 2006)

John Preston Brown (b. 1972), Boston, MA (John Mason)
Gordon Elbridge Gale (b. 1946), Hardeeville, SC (Jacob Gale)
Wayne Clark Gilman (1934-2009), Cromwell, CT (Nathaniel Hutchins)
Stephen Whitney Isaacson (b. 1964), Cecilton, MD (Stephen Hoyt)
William Wynnewood Park (b. 1947), Cohasset, MA (Edward Hammond)
Michael Henry Spencer (b. 1951), Phoenix, MD (Thomas Simpson)

Catesby ap Catesby Jones (b. 1954), Richmond, VA (Walter Brooke)
Nicholas Newlin (b. 1959), Brandywine, MD (Joseph Hilton)
Samuel Burchard Spencer (b. 1942), Marshfield, MA (John Simpson)
George Levick Street (1913-2000), Andover, MA (Joshua Lovejoy)
Frank Sheldon Sutherland-Hall (b. 1948), Dallas, TX (Thomas Stickney)
James Quincy Shirley (b. 1942), Goffstown, NH (Nahum Baldwin)
William Randall Spalding (b. 1958), Atlanta, GA (Timothy Bedel)

Peter Whitney Boardman (b. 1944), Tampa, FL (Samuel Cherry)
Arthur Sheldon Hall (1917-2012), El Paso, TX (Thomas Stickney)
Cecil Morgan, Jr. (b. 1933), Birmingham, AL (George Morgan)
Kent Bingham Reed (b. 1961), Marietta, GA (Joshua Hazen)
John Walley Littlefield (1925-2017), Owings Mills, MD (Jacob Bates)
Willis Carleton Merrill, Jr. (1930-2020), Pensacola, FL (Reuben Dow)
George Shaffer Wood (1946-2018), St. Davids, PA (Moses Dustin)
Renwick DeGroat Dimond, Jr. (b. 1966), Naples, FL (Jeremiah Fogg)
John Wingate Weeks, Jr. (b. 1946), Marblehead, MA (John Weeks)
Robert Kenneth Frost (1929-2016), Kensington, CT (George Pepperell Frost)
William Harley Dartt (1929-2019), Oxford, NC (Jonathan Harney)

Frank Nathan Aldrich, Jr. (1923-2017), Dover, MA (John Butterick)
James Benenson III (b. 1978), New York, NY (Benjamin Chambers)
Raymond James Hebert II (1978-2014), Dallas, TX (Samuel Safford)
Philip Field Herrick (b. 1940), McLean, VA (Eleazer Lindsley)
Peter Porcher Littlefield (b. 1952), Fountain Inn, SC (Jacob Bates)
George Richard Ursul (1937-1999), Brookline, MA (Jan de Zielinski)
Walter Commons Wattles (1914-2009), Atlanta, GA (Edward Waldo)
Franklin Wyman, Jr. (1921-2007), Brookline, MA (Matthew Thornton)

John Frank Goodwin III (b. 1944), Wolfeboro, NH (Jethro Heard)
Graham Armstead Naud (b. 1978), New York, NY (Isaac Andrews)
Allen Perkins Spaulding, Jr. (1943-2014), Buffalo, NY (Levi Spaulding)
Clinton Pershing Aldrich (b. 1961), North Easton, MA (John Butterick)
Andre Thorne Naud (b. 1970), New York, NY (Ammi Andrews)
James Amory Sullivan Walker (b. 1927), Dover, MA (Daniel Sullivan)
John Lowell Thorndike (1926-2020), Dover, MA (Israel Thorndike)
Conant Wait (1921-2012), Topeka, KS (Joseph Wait)

Gordon Abbott, Jr. (1927-2013), Manchester, MA (Joshua Abbott)
William Curtis Fredericks (b. 1961), Bronxville, NY (John Wheelock)
James Pinchot Gaston (b. 1931), New York, NY (Jeremiah Parmelee)
Alexander Gaston (b. 1946), Fishers Island, NY (Jeremiah Parmelee)
David Worcester Place (1932-2005), New Bedford, MA (David Place)
Edward Hawkins Sisson (b. 1955), Chevy Chase, MD (Caleb Stark)
Walter Stephen Thayer (b. 1946), Alexandria, VA (Peter Clark)
James Jay Ward (b. 1961), Southborough, MA (Artemas Ward)
John MacNair Wright, Jr. (1916-2014) (Elijah Clayes)

Gerald Law Leonard (b. 1940), Tampa, FL (Simon Larned)
Littleton Waller Tazewell Waller II (b. 1926), La Jolla, CA (David McGregor)
Mark John Kington (b. 1959), Alexandria, VA (Titus Salter)
Jordan Kimball (b. 1972), St. Paul, MN (Joseph Fay)
Dana Emmett Shonk (b. 1970), Dublin, NH (William Parker, Jr.)
Douglas Campbell Chamberlain (b. 1947), Cohasset, MA (James Head)
Joseph William Pepperrell Frost (1923-2008), Eliot, ME (George Pepperell Frost)
Frederic Fletcher Little (b. 1965), Boston, MA (Peletiah Whittemore)
Philip Winston Pillsbury III (b. 1973), Wayzata, MN (Moses Little)

James Tolman Caldwell Moore (b. 1970), New York, NY (Seth Smith)
John Lane Perla (b. 1964), Collegeville, PA (Winborn Adams)
James Perla Stewart (b. 1969), Royersford, PA (Richard Shortridge)
Henry Addams Pillsbury (1937-2019), Paris, France (Moses Little)
Christopher Cunningham Abbott (b. 1956), Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA (Joshua Abbott)
Michael Hunt Studley (b. 1946), Hingham, MA (Pyam Cushing, transferred to Israel Gilman in 2017)
William Dowse Weeks, Jr. (b. 1960), Needham, MA (James Norris)
Eben Hall Sawyer (b. 1975), Ogunquit, ME (Benjamin Titcomb)

Charles Rising Carey (1948-2013), Potomac, MD (Thomas Dearborn)
Richard Kimball Lincoln (b. 1930), Cambridge, MA (Benjamin Kimball)
Charles Edward Menefee, Jr. (b. 1930), Wadmalaw Island, SC (Samuel Prioleau, Jr.)
Charles Barrett Monday II (1939-2014), Houston, TX (Edward Waldo)
Walter William Patten, Jr. (1928-2016), Boston, MA (James Jaroloman)
Charles Latham Sherman (b. 1975), New York, NY (Ethan Allen)
Philip Hilliard Green (1925-2013), Hanover, NH (Enoch Chase)
Rudolph Stewart Rauch III (b. 1943), New York, NY (Samuel Spring)

Richard Taliaferro Wright (b. 1932), Charleston, SC (George Turner)
Chester Alfred Hardy (b. 1929), Fort Worth, TX (Benjamin Hammond)
Raymond Sanger Wilkins, Jr. (1924-2017), Boothbay, ME (Daniel Wilkins)
John Carlile Babock (b. 1969), Pasadena, CA (Benjamin Kimball)
Barry Joseph Carroll (1944-2018), Lake Forest, IL (Benjamin Holden)

Vilasa Noah Campbell (b. 1980), Washington, DC (Jeremiah Gilman)
Elbridge St. John Abbott Gale( b. 1979), Hardeeville, SC (Jacob Gale)
Benedict Joseph Semmes (1949-2020), South Portland, ME (Jacob Walden)
Douglas Alexander Stewart Chalmers, Jr. (b. 1964), Duluth, GA (Joshua Merrow)
Richard Kimball Lincoln, Jr. (b. 1962), Sharon, MA (Benjamin Kimball)
Stark McCullough Shapleigh (b. 1983), Charleston, SC (Archibald Stark)

Charles Huxford Arthur (b. 1980), San Diego, CA (James McClure)
Henry Day Brigham, Jr. (1926-2008), Chestnut Hill, MA (Origen Brigham)
Ronald Clifford Brown, Jr. (b. 1974), Blandford, MA (Richard Brown)
Christopher Challender Child (b. 1980), Boston, MA (Jacob Town, Jr., transferred to John Harvey in 2017)
David Warren Eaton (b. 1930), Irvine, CA (Joseph Huntoon)
Bradbury Poor Foss (1935-2019), Washington, DC (Enoch Poor)
John Beauregard Lockhart (b. 1985), Edinburgh, UK (David Place)
Charles Arnold Tarbell (b. 1960), New Castle, NH (Caleb Robinson)
Thomas Cooper Woods (b. 1972), New York, NY (Isaac Frye)

Roger Browne Tyler II (b. 1960), Essex, MA (Edward Parsons)
Bruce Collin Webb (b. 1939), National Harbor, MD (John Peck Rathbun, transferred to Enoch Chase in 2013)
Franklin Wyman III (b. 1948), Washington, DC (Matthew Thornton)
Lewis Stetson Allen (1941-2015), Pride’s Crossing, MA (James Brooks)
Walter Weinhagen John (b. 1939), Anchorage, AK (Luke Woodbury)
David Watson Kruger (b. 1942), Exeter, NH (Jeremiah Gilman)
Charles Chandler Krulak (b. 1942), Wilmington, DE (Caleb Stark)
Donald Charles Lynde (b. 1946), Marston Mills, MA (Benjamin Whitcomb)
Llewellyn Morgan Toulmin (b. 1951), Silver Spring, MD (Benjamin Moseley)

Michael David Sherrill (b. 1961), New York, NY (William Rowell)
Randall Alan Hammond (b. 1969), Boston, MA (Wentworth Stuart, transferred to Thomas Lyford in 2018)
Charles Higginson (b. 1932), Cohasset, MA (Isaiah Stetson)
Homer Daniel Jones IV (b. 1982), Washington, DC (Jabez Snow)
David Allen Lambert (b. 1969), Stoughton, MA (Jacob Gale)
Samuel Dexter Perry (b. 1943), Chestnut Hill, MA (Ebenezer Peabody)
John Carpenter Converse (b. 1941), Raleigh, NC (Israel Converse)
Charles Edward Stebbins (b. 1957), Fairfield, CT (William Taggard)
Alexis Gannat Studley (b. 1980), Hingham, MA (Pyam Cushing, transferred to Israel Gilman in 2017)
Ernest Stanley Dodge, Jr. (b. 1946), Wenham, MA (Tobias Fernard, transferred to Thomas Leavitt in 2017)
Joshua Atwood Treat (b. 1989), Belmont, MA (Jonathan Buck)
Brian Michael Barrett Wood (b. 1984), Fairfax, VA (Phineas Bowman)

Jonathan Hubbard Cilley, Jr. (b. 1948), Moorestown, NJ (Jonathan Cilley)
William Ford Peck (b. 1956), Cockeysville, MD (Robert R. Henry)
Benjamin Taliaferro Wright (b. 1962), Lawrenceville, NJ (George Turner)
James Browder Tennant (b. 1954), Houston, TX (Reuben Lilley)
Pierce Kendall Bullen (1934-2020), Washington, DC (Andrew Buntin)
Brian Ross Owens (b. 1977), Philadelphia, PA (Isaac Nash)
Robert Shelton Converse (b. 1983), Raleigh, NC (Israel Converse)

Richard Kenneth Wright (b. 1946), Alexandria, VA (Elijah Clayes)
Todd Alexander Burne (b. 1950), Melrose, MA (Andrew McGaffey)
William James Wiggs (b. 1961), Fayetteville, NC (Nathaniel Thwing)
David Wason Drew (b. 1952), Scituate, MA (Lebbeus Drew)
Thomas Frederick Pike (b. 1938), New York, NY (James Carr, transferred to John Dennett in 2011)

Scott Richard Driver (b. 1970), Tucson, AZ (Nathan Pierce)
Hartley Rogers, Jr. (1926-2015), Winchester, MA (Samuel Wallingford)
David Frederic Hess (b. 1946), Reno, NV (Peter Harwood)
Philip Whitcomb Lovejoy (b. 1961), Boston, MA (Peter Kimball)

Tristan Charles Johnson Elbrick (b. 1969), London, UK (Abiel Chandler)
Philip Johnston Yeaton (b. 1965), North Andover, MA (Hopley Yeaton)
Lewis Cass Ledyard V (b. 1964), Kennett Square, PA (Caleb Ledyard)
Hugh Laughlin Robinson II (b. 1958), Baltimore, MD (Noah Robinson)
Dallas David Sherrill II (b. 2000), New York, NY (William Rowell)
Richard John Smurdon, Jr. (b. 1959), Rolling Prairie, IN (George Sexton)
Joseph Lesenyie Taggart (b. 1972), Amherst, NH (James Taggart)
Pierre Andre Walker, Ph.D. (b. 1957), Beverly, MA (Daniel Sullivan)
Ryan Bradford Weddle, Lt. (j.g.) (b. 1977), Westfield, NJ (Moses Belding)
Porter King Wheeler (b. 1940), Chevy Chase, MD (Joseph Killam)

Edward Moor Boynton (b. 1961), San Francisco, CA (Daniel Moor)
Howard Bicknell Hodgson, Jr. (b. 1956), Ipswich, MA (Edmund Chadwick)
Lt. Col. Thomas Frederick Pike, Jr. (b. 1966), New York, NY (John Dennett)
Douglas Glenn Rohde (b. 1982) (John Mosher)

Bruce William Friedman (b. 1962), Washington, DC (John Robinson, transferred to Nathaniel Hutchins in 2017)
David Joseph Perkins (b. 1954), Bethel, CT (Osgood Carlton)
Dylan Rhys Williams (b. 1991), Haverford, PA (Benjamin Whitcomb)
Luke Sebastian Williams (b. 1993), Haverford, PA (Benjamin Whitcomb)

James Alvah Blanchard III (b. 1946), Bar Harbor, ME (Jonathan Wing)
Stephen Arthur Connelly (b. 1944), Jacksonville, FL (Micah Hoyt, Jr.)
Kenneth Charles Hardy (b. 1944), Redlands, CA (Benjamin Hammond)
Paul Joseph Marcus (b. 1960), Boston, MA (James Reed)
Thomas Edward Shirley (b. 1959), Wrentham, MA (Isaac Baldwin)

David Henderson Burnham (b. 1942), Cohasset, MA (Thomas Cogswell, transferred to Jeremiah Prichard in 2017)
Frederick Ira Ordway IV (b. 1952), Huntsville, AL (William Stanwood)
Perry Baker Hall (b. 1955), Dallas, TX (Joshua Bramhall)
Frederick Paul Kaffenberger, Jr. (1935-2015), Kansas City, MO (Samuel Beach)
Michael Paul Pillsbury (b. 1945), Washington, DC (Joshua Trafton)
Richmond English Sheedy (b. 1994), Rock Hill, SC (Isaac Farwell)

2 April 2016
Thatcher Lane Gearhart (b. 1976), Boston, MA (Thomas Hartshorn)

25 September 2016
Richard Oliver Schwab, Jr. (b. 1983), Alexandria VA (Daniel Pinkham)

1 April 2017
John Shelby Bullitt (b. 1976), West Chester, PA (Ezekiel Cheever)
George Gardner Herrick (b. 1938), Newport, RI (John Wingate)
Thomas Vincent Inglesby (b. 1987), McLean, VA (William Prescott)
Erskine Ramsay II (b. 1947), Birmingham, AL (Dudley Leavitt Chase)

16 September 2017
Justin Douglas Abelow (b. 1967), New York, NY (Nathan Holbrook)
Matthew Peter Bak (b. 1990), Marshfield, MA (William Cushing)
Kenneth Hills Bitting III (b. 1948), West Palm Beach, FL (George Aldrich)
Grant Chamberlain Brooks (b. 1998), Dallas, TX (Thomas Humphrey Cushing)
William Collins Buell V (b. 1934), San Antonio, TX (Amos Webster)
Edward Church Bush (b. 1953), New Orleans, LA (John Jennison)
David Barker Ford (1946-2020), Greenwich, CT (Joseph Wait)
James Watson Gerard V (b. 1961), New York, NY (Nathan Sanborn)
Thomas Bailey Hagen (b. 1935), Erie, PA (Jacob Bayley)
James Gordon Harper (b. 1965), Eugene, OR (Edward Waldo)
Michael Stephen Rounds (b. 1947), Concord, NH (David Forsyth)
Matthew Hale Schafer (b. 1984), Washington, DC (Nathan Hale)
Arthur Bryant Whitcomb, Jr. (1965-2020), New York, NY (Edward Sherburne)

7 April 2018
Charles Sanger Bellows, Jr. (b. 1949), Wayzata, MN (Benjamin Bellows, Jr.)
Jonathan Knight Bitting (b. 1954), New Canaan, CT (Jonathan Wentworth)
Matthew Mitchell Breen (b. 1990), Myrtle Beach, SC (Thomas Blake)
Timothy James Butterfield, D.V.M. (b. 1947), Derry, NH (Jonas Butterfield)
Wesley McKinney Danks, (b. 1996), Austin, TX (John Jennison)
Donald Robert Denning, Jr. (b. 1964), Shirley, MA (Silas Clark)
David Barker Ford, Jr. (b. 1974), Bryn Mawr, PA (Joseph Wait)
Thomas Leatherbury Grant (b. 1968), Milton, MA (James Blanchard)
Alexander Barton Gray (b. 1989), Alexandria, VA (Joseph Estabrook)
Bradford Vaughn Rowell (b. 1955), Beverly Farms, MA (Ephraim Colby)
Richard Warren Sage (b. 1943), Brooklyn, NY (Josiah Munro)
Philippe Héron Studley (b. 1984), Scituate, MA (Pyam Cushing)
Curt Davis Warren (b. 1973), Salt Lake City, UT (Joseph Huntoon)
Julian Maynard Wright, Jr. (1941-2019), Bethesda, MD (William Hutchins)

15 September 2018
Sean Michael Heuvel, Ph.D. (b. 1979), Williamsburg, VA (Ephraim Cleaveland)
The Most Rev. Brian Richard Marsh (b. 1948), Belchertown, MA (George Stillman)
Christopher Cochrane Matteson (b. 1969), Darien, CT (Benjamin Grant)
Christopher Colby Peabody (b. 1973), North Reading, MA (Moses Page)
Sean Michael Phelan (b. 1995), Boston, MA (James Wedgewood)
Justin Eric Porter (b. 1982), Charlottesville, VA (Daniel Clapp)
Grahame Preson Richards III (b. 1965), Scottsdale, AZ (Bradley Richards)
Thomas Logan Wait (b. 1963), Herndon, VA (Jonathan Perkins)
Col. William Sidney Wood (b. 1948), Worcester, MA (Stephen Dearborn)
Edward Franklin Woods III (b. 1995), Wilton, CT (Josiah Magoun)

30 March 2019
John Maxwell Bleakie, Jr. (b. 1948), Wellesley, MA (Joel Jenkins)
Robert Dennis Bovard (b. 1983), Augusta, GA (Hubbard Carter)
Guillaume Henry de Ramel (b. 1974), Newport, RI (John Austin)
Robert Barton Earle (b. 1958), Westport, CT (Thomas Dearborn)
Jonathan Miller Harris (b. 1953), Wynnewood, PA (Joseph Potter)
Brian Henry Hebert (b. 1983), Fort Worth, TX (Samuel Safford)
Samuel Branton Henderson (b. 1993), Haverford, PA (Lemuel Cushing)
Christopher Andrew McClary (b. 1959), Middleburg, VA (Neal McGaffey)
John vanden Heuvel Pierce (b. 1969), New York, NY (William Adrian Hawkins)
Charles Weld Robinson II (b. 1998), Baltimore, MD (Noah Robinson)
John Bond Trevor IV (b. 1967), Providence, RI (Wait Hopkins)
Charles Willard Webb (b. 1971), St. Johns, FL (Enoch Chase)
Brian Darrell White (b. 1970), Chicago, IL (Oliver Rice)

14 September 2019
Richard David Batchelder, Jr. (b. 1962), Boston, MA (William Emerson)
Mark Andrew Buckles (b. 1973), Tallahasee, FL (Samuel Wallingford)
Kendrik Jon DeKoning, Jr. (b. 1967), Denver, CO (Jonathan Poole)
Porter Farrar Fleming (b. 1960), New York, NY (Jonas Hubbard)
Alexander Maximilian Gagnet (b. 1973), New Orleans, LA (Caleb Keep)
Harold Church Paull, Jr. (b. 1949), Palm Beach, FL (Oliver Bacon)
Edward Kirby Rutledge (b. 1972), Lemont, IL (Oliver Dewey)
Patrick Dylan Smith (b. 1992), Greenwich, CT (Adna Penniman)
Richard Colby Spain (b. 1950), Chicago, IL (Joseph Safford)
Robert Louis Stevens (b. 1966), Aurora, CO (Moses Dustin)
Peter Rollins Wells, Jr. (b. 1966), Newbury Park, CA (James Carr)

28 March 2020
Hunter Alexander Bergschneider (b. 1982), Brooklyn, NY (Ebenezer Sullivan)
Walter Eugene Daniel IV (b. 1972), Raleigh, NC (James Varnum)
Jonathan Ashley Ellis (b. 1983), Boston, MA (William Ellis)
Louis McMurrey Girard (b. 1969), Houston, TX (Jeremiah Fogg)
Roger Haydock Hallowell III (b. 1962), Brookline, MA (John Samuel Sherburne)
Potter Brooks Hodgson (b. 1990), Boston, MA (Edward Brooks)
Joseph Paul Meyer (b. 1962), Palm Beach, FL (Oliver Barrett)
Llewellyn Gerard Ross III (b. 1986), New York, NY (Noah Cooke)

26 September 2020
Brian Andrew Blake (b. 1980), Washington, DC (Joseph Merrill Thomas)
Gilman Wright Conant III (b. 1990), Wellesley, MA (Andrew Colburn, Jr.)
Hans Joseph Klotzbach (b. 1982), Phoenixville, PA (Simon Sartwell, Jr.)
Colin Webster Marsh (b. 1988), Wenham, MA (George Stillman)
George Quincy Nichols, Jr. (b. 1963), Dedham, MA (Nicholas Gilman)
John Stephen Rando, Jr. (b. 1963), Gloucester, MA (Reuben Dow)
Christopher Murray Rankin (b. 1964), Dartmouth, MA (Jeremiah Eames)
Peter Boynton Zwack (b. 1954), Newport, RI (Edward Sherburne)

[1]At the annual meeting on July 4, 1906 it was reported that George Luther Frye in the right of Major Isaac Frye and John A. Bachelder in the right of Lieutenant Jonathan Perkins had made preliminary application but there is no record that they were either admitted to membership.