Annual Giving

The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Hampshire is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Gifts the New Hampshire Society provide the support necessary to maintain its public charity status. Contributions are fully tax deductable in accordance with Federal law.

Members are encouraged to contribute at least two hundred dollars per year.

To make a gift by check (payable to Society of the Cincinnati-NH), send your contribution to:

Hugh L. Robinson II
Office of the Treasurer
511 West Joppa Road
Baltimore, MD 21204-3819

Members can also contribute online through the link below or contribute towards a specific event (please indicate for what in message to seller).

Annual Giving for Calendar Year 2017
(Please report errors and omissions to the Treasurer, and accept his humble apologies for same.)

Major General ($5,000 and up)
Philip Winston Pillsbury, Jr.
Richard Oliver Schwab, Jr.
Edward Franklin Woods, D.M.D.

Brigadier General ($2,500 to $4,999)
David Henderson Burnham
Douglas Campbell Chamberlain
Henry Adams Pillsbury
LT Ryan Bradford Weddle, USNR

Colonel ($1,000 to $2,499)
Justin Douglas Abelow
Matthew Peter Bak
LTC William Collins Buell V, USA (Ret.)
Edward Church Bush
David Barker Ford
Thomas Bailey Hagen
James Gordon Harper
George Gardner Herrick
Gerald Law Leonard
Keith Prescott Low
Hollis Warren Merrick III, M.D.
Michael McClary Morison
Erskine Ramsay II
Rudolph Stewart Rauch III
Arthur Bryant Whitcomb, Jr.

Major ($500 to $999)
Francis A. Brooks III
Todd Alexander Burne
Edward Lull Cochrane, Jr.
Scott Richard Driver
Randall Alan Hammond
Stephen Benjamin Jeffries
Mark John Kington
Matthew Hale Schafer
Alfred Lee Shapleigh III
Michael David Sherrill

Captain ($200 to $499)
Peter Whitney Boardman
Clifford Avery Buell
Thomas Crosby Chadwick
Wayne Chatfield-Taylor II
Christopher Challender Child
Stephen Arthur Connelly
John Carpenter Converse
Ernest Stanley Dodge, Jr.
David Warren Eaton
Newell Flather
William Curtis Fredericks
Bruce William Friedman
John H. Frye III
Thatcher Lane Gearhart
John Frank Goodwin III
Philip Johnston Goss
Edward Mills Guild, Jr.
David Frederic Hess
Stephen Whitney Isaacson
Walter Weinhagen John
Catesby ap Catesby Jones
Frederic Fletcher Little, M.D.
Peter Porcher Littlefield
Donald Charles Lynde
Sean Brownson McCoy
Willis Carleton Merrill, Jr.
Robert Armstead Naud, M.D.
Nicholas Newlin
William Verplanck Newlin
Kenneth Westcott Norwood, Jr.
Scott Robert Papp
William Ford Peck
David Joseph Perkins
Samuel Dexter Perry
COL Thomas Frederick Pike, Jr., USA
Deacon John Michael Powers, Jr.
Andrew Meserve Rankin II
Hugh Laughlin Robinson II
Stephen Frederick Schreiber
Stark McCullough Shapleigh
Lewis Stone Sorley III, Ph.D.
Robert Bruce Spofford
Charles Walter Stewart
Peter Andrew Stifel
Michael Hunt Studley
Charles Arnold Tarbell
Walter Stephen Thayer III
Roger Browne Tyler II
Norman Stewart Walker
James Jay Ward
Bruce Collin Webb
The Honorable William Dowse Weeks
Eric Leighton Whittall, M.D.
William James Wiggs, Jr., M.D.
Henry Sewall Woodbridge, Jr.
Thomas Cooper Woods, Ph.D.
Richard Taliaferro Wright

Lieutenant ($50 to $199)
James Alvah Blanchard III
Alexander Gaston
Herman Vaughan Griffin, Jr.
Philip Field Herrick, Jr.
Charles Higginson
Jeffrey Dupuis Hill
Charles Edwin Menefee, Jr.
Henry Gilman Nichols, Jr.
William Hall Sawyer
Michael Henry Spencer
Alexis Gannat Studley
John Lowell Thorndike
Llewellyn Morgan Toulmin, Ph.D.
Chandler Lee van Orman
James Amory Sullivan Walker
Pierre Andre Walker
Porter King Wheeler